Who is the recovering entrepreneur?

Well, chances are since you’ve found and are reading this page, the recovering entrepreneur is YOU.

You see, you and I already know each other. We’re kindred spirits.

How do I know? Well, take a look at this list and see if you recognize yourself :

  • You see missed opportunity in your day to day business activity. (Does your boss share your point of view… or even care to hear it?)
  • You cringe inside at some of the policies being used in the business you work for or in businesses you use. (Are your clients being treated like they are inconvenient rather than indispensable? Are you?)
  • You keep coming up with ideas you’re certain will be “the next big thing”, but you just can’t get them off the ground. (Are you suffering analysis paralysis, or are you afraid of being shot down at work?)
  • You’ve put your heart and soul into an idea but didn’t get the result you were hoping for. (Welcome to the club.)

If you see yourself in any of the points above, then you and I have a thing or two in common.

Not every entrepreneur or entrepreneurial thinker finds success. Not even close. Many entrepreneurs try business, and if you can believe banking statistics, the majority of these folks fail. But why? And by what measure?

This blog is about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. About  journey in business.

Here’s my resume:

Twenty-five years building and leading teams, conceptualizing, targeting, measuring and modifying business strategies and tactics to reach established goals.

Product Management and Development

  • Project lead for the creation of a new online e-commerce enabled travel insurance website for Group Medical Services. Work included: Leading a team of both internal and external partners consisting of graphic designers, web developers, database specialists, customer support team leads, and senior leadership stakeholders. Developing and editing website content. Coordinating quality assurance testing. Creating and managing communications for product launch.
  • Supervised annual product reviews including: Research of the marketing environment. Assessment of competitive challenges. Product improvement suggestions from customer and staff surveys and recommendations. Measuring the effectiveness of sales and marketing plans. Assembly of financial performance data. Presenting recommendations to the senior leadership team.
  • Designed and coordinated market research which included customer surveys and focus groups.

Sales and Marketing

  • Designed marketing strategies for travel and health insurance. Tactics for a recently conceived online campaign consisting of: pay-per-click advertising, cost per acquisition ads, banner ad placements and custom landing pages. Work was done collaboratively with ad agencies for media buying and campaign analytics.
  • Designed and implemented 21 direct response campaigns for both retail products and professional services. Work included: demographic targeting, persona development, creating offers, design and copywriting, testing variables and measuring results. The most successful of these campaigns earned a 15% response rate.
  • Increased broker engagement at Group Medical Servicdes throught the use of incentives and contests. The most successful initiative is currently underway and is demonstrating promotional lift greater than 100% (that’s right, double the response of previous efforts)!
  • Implemented prospecting techniques that exceeded The Home Depot Contractor Servicdes sales plan by 9% in year one, 14% in year two, and was on track to exceed sales targets by 10% in the third year of my supervision.
  • Developed the brand and the marketing plans that, over the span of 19 years, built Pink Cadillac Custom Picture Framing Inc. from start-up to a large volume picture framing and decorative art gallery. Annual sales peaked above $345,000 in a business niche where the average annual revenue is below $100,000.
  • Strengthened customer engagement at Pink Cadillac by mining sales data and making relevant and timely offers. These campaigns consistently achieved greater than 11% response.
  • Created a functional customer relationship management system for cross-selling and up-selling Pink Cadillac customers.

Business Management

  • Mentored and coached colleagues of the marketing, communications, and product development teams at Group Medical Services.
  • Converted a transactional sales department to a relationship focused sales team at The Home Depot. This team ranked: second in the Western Canadian Region for customer loyalty, first in the Saskatchewan/Manitoba district and 56th in the enterprise of (then) over 2200 stores for new account development.
  • Owner and operator of Pink Cadillac Custom Picture Framing for 19 years.